This is Me

Born in Kolkata, raised near Delhi and then Dubai, pursued computer engineering and worked in Pune, and currently living at my parents’ place (who are now back from Dubai) in Noida, welll.. I’ve had my fair share of living in different cities. And honestly, it’s one of most defining experiences of my life. 

By profession, I am a Product Manager at Barclays, building innovative tech solutions to make your lives a little bit better. Being a technologist at heart, I love working on emerging technologies such as AI/ML to solve societal problems related to environment, inclusion, healthcare, and education. I think technology will play a vital role to create an egalitarian society, where everyone has equal learning and growth opportunities. This is why, I’ve been working on creating ecosystems and frameworks to drive digital innovation in our country. I’ve also built a few initiatives at work to drive diversity, empower and up-skill colleagues and more importantly, ignite meaningful dialogue.

Igniting meaning conversations – This is one of the motivations behind starting this blog.

Now all this obviously hasn’t been very easy to do in the last four years to say the least, but I’ve been extremely fortunate to be backed up by a very supportive family, enthusiastic friends and encouraging colleagues.

The key thing that drives me is my passion to make our society more empathetic, inclusive and sustainable. But why do so? What’s in it for you or me? It’s the simple fact that we need to work together and help each other to grow. And the best way to grow is to learn from each other, share your learnings and experiences, get feedback from people who think differently (diversity hmmmm) and work hard (duh!).

Every individual is on his/her own journey and no two journeys are identical. So you may not find your “path” to your calling by knowing someone else’s path, but you may find some lessons and tricks to pave your own path. 

This is what I intend to do through this blog and much more, including my adventurous travel stories, intense kitchen experiments, love for books and blogs, and my new found will to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

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