New year, New me?

A very happy 2020 to all of you and a big thank you for continuing to read my blog in this new year.

Dec ’19 was quite an interesting month for me. I attended a wedding in Jaipur which got extended into a short vacation with my entire family! We had a great time. I also experienced the Delhi cold this december after many many years (which wasn’t so nice), after which I headed to Vietnam for a couple of days. I met a lot of interesting people from across the globe, had some great local food and coffee, learned a lot about the Vietnamese culture and history, especially about the Vietnam war (that too, straight from a war veteran), and enjoyed some much needed time-off. I got back from Vietnam to a full house filled with my closest friends who were visiting me from the US. We all had a few memorable days with one another. Finally, I am back from my extended vacation, full energized to take on the new year! You can follow me on instagram (@goyalakansha) to see the photos from my trip(s).

Our (extended) family vacation in Jaipur!
2 day trek in Sa Pa Valley, Vietnam with some amazing people!

While I was away, I did a lot of thinking and.. introspection. I thought and extensively talked about the highlights and the lowlights of 2019 with my friends and family. More importantly, I thought about the things I want to do better in the new year.

Every year I make a list of things I want to accomplish in that year. I call it list of things instead of resolutions to take off the pressure. Obviously, this list changes (sometimes, quite drastically) by the end of the year due, but this list really helps me focus on the right things and keeps me on track (especially during the tough times) through the year. It also helps me identify what I could or couldn’t achieve and what more did I do at the end of the year. Keeping this is mind, I thought it would be good idea to publish my list of things for 2020. I hope that you all will be inspired to introspect and make a similar list for yourself.

My list of things:

Item 1 — Read more 
How many books does an average person read? 
5–6 books a year
How many books does an average CEO read? 
50–60 books a year
How many books did I read in 2019? 
11 books
How many books will I read in 2020?
At least 24 books.

Now I really don’t want to bore you by talking about why you should read more. So I’ll skip to those of you who don’t like to read — check out apps like Blinkist and Audible, which are decent alternatives. 
I’ve already started this year with the book “Why We Sleep?” by Mathew Walker (thanks to my friend Manas for having this delivered at my house).

For those of you looking for good recommendations, check out —

These days, great content is available in various other forms. So please start using your friend’s Netflix account to watch an enriching documentary or even John Oliver instead of Brooklyn 99(yes, season 6 is on Netflix India finally). On a serious note, do drop me a message if you’re looking for some good recommendations.

Jan’20 — count(distinct books_read_in_2020)= 1

Item 2 — Write more 
Writing is something that I only started unintentially in the end of 2019. It has helped me connect with some old lost friends and has helped me make new ones. It has also helped me to inspire others to write more and in-fact want more from their lives. Most importantly, it has helped me understand myself better and think more clearly. The whole experience has been absolutely incredible so far. This year I really want to write more, learn more and explore more of myself. I want to write more about the important stuff!
I will also be renewing my domain this year so please do keep visiting my blog.

Jan ’20- 1 article written, 1 in progress with lots in the pipeline

Item 3 — Prioritize my health
Last year, due to my half-hearted interest in staying fit, my health had taken a back seat. This new year, I really want to focus on my health and better my immunity (especially since my parents now live in a city with an AQI of 270 on a good day). 
I want to lead a healthy lifestyle with good habits which are as trivial as getting an 7–8 hour long sleep every night, increasing my activity level by completing at least 10k steps everyday, meditating, eating clean and on-time and getting regular health check-ups.

Jan ’20 — I am sleeping 7-8 hours everyday, eating home cooked food and working out at-least 3 times a week.

Item 4 — More impactful work
Since I am more settled in and acquainted with my new role this year, I want to contribute more and do more impactful work than I did last year. More importantly, I want to focus on finding building more ethical and sustainable solutions while keeping the bigger picture in my mind.

Jan ‘ 20 — I am working on some extremely interesting stuff for the community and also trying to build some sustainable solutions (Very excited about this one).

Item 5 —Reduce procrastination
Starting the year with a clean slate and having learnt a thing or two about project management on the job, I want to plan and implement the 29803 things on my plate better and in a time-bound manner. In my case, I’ve realized that having a deadline really helps as it kicks in some of the much needed stress.

Jan’20 — Making a list of to-do things every morning and ensuring to finish them before I go off the sleep. I have also drastically reduced my screen time.

Item 6 — Invest more in myself
Last year, I truly realised the importance of ME time (which btw doesn’t include spending time on your phone). This year, I want to invest more time, effort and money in myself. I also want to spend more time outdoors and learn a new sport — either horse riding or tennis (I am open to recommendations).

Jan ’20 — I started learning Tennis!!

Item 7 — Experience more!
As I’ve said before, ‘Experiences are what make a person who they are’. This year (as every year) I want to experience more.. good and bad. I want to meet new people, travel to an unknown place, try a different cuisine, learn to cook a new cuisine, work on something I haven’t before, discover a new genre of music, pick up a new hobby, climb an unknown hill or volcano (if not a mountain)! I want to spend more time doing and experiencing things rather than watching youtube videos about it.

Jan ’20 — Well, I am working on something entirely new to me.

Thanks so much for reading! Please like, share and feedback 🙂

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