Untold Stories #1: The Forgotten Dream

Through this series, I will share a story associated with a photo that has had a profound effect on me, with the hope that it gives you a little more insight into me. Thank you for reading!

The Chapel Bridge, Lucerne, Switzerland

I came across a picture of the chapel bridge in someone’s photo album when I was kid
Without knowing anything about it, I was instantly drawn towards it
I often dreamt about being there, even painted the picture several times in my drawing class

I had forgotten about this childhood fascination, this recurring dream
Till one day I was walking the streets of Lucerne
And there it was – My childhood, right in front of me

I remember just standing there
Perplexed, trying to figure out the reason for my fascination
I walked across the bridge several times, took in the scenery
I felt the ashes stuck in the wood from the fire that happened 20 years ago

But nothing explained why
Maybe it was because I hadn’t seen anything else like this in my childhood before
Or maybe I had a past connection with the place
All I knew was that being there felt like home

In hindsight, I think it was trying to tell me story, teach me a lesson
One I understood only after seeing it in flesh and blood

I don’t have that photo from my childhood anymore
I don’t dream about being there anymore
But everytime I come across this picture on my phone

It reminds me what it feels like to live your dreams
It reminds me to stay resilient during difficult times
It assures me that I can come out stronger even after a fire and that
I can feel right at home at a place I’ve never been to before

More Information: Built in c.1360, the Kapellrucke is the oldest wooden bridges in Europe. Even though a large part of the bridge was destroyed in a fire in 1993, the bridge was restored and stands in all its glory in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland.

For more information, check out: https://chapel-bridge.ch/background/chapel-bridge-on-fire/

The fire of August 1993 that burned most of the bridge

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